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4 Amazing Benefits of Cupping

Lure Essentials Cupping

Cupping has been around for thousands of years and, despite a recent surge in popularity, has been utilized by people in many countries all over the world. But what are some of the main benefits? There are countless, but here are the TOP 4 BENEFITS we find Lure Essentials Customers love most about cupping therapy:

1. Pain
Cupping can alleviate pain in any area of your body.

It works by creating mild inflammation on an area of pain or injury is an effective way to kickstart the body into healing that particular area. At the same time, the pressure causes fluids to drain more efficiently, thus ridding the body of toxins that can delay healing.

2. Aging
Cupping can reduce and even reverse visible signs of aging.

If aging skin is your primary concern, facial cupping is an excellent way to gently release tension and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—as a bonus, facial cupping feels wonderful! Unlike static cupping, facial cupping is done with a gentle lift and release motion, massaging the skin and bringing fresh blood to the surface. However, unlike the circular kisses left by static cupping, the only mark facial cupping will leave is a healthy glow.

3. Weight Loss
Cupping is the perfect addition to your weight loss journey.

When we diet, exercise, and lose weight, there are two major factors that usually come into play – cellulite and skin sag. Using cups in conjunction with a diet and exercise program is a great way to ensure that your skin is also getting an excellent workout. When cups are applied to the skin, the same healing blood that soothes muscle aches is also working on cell turnover, boosting collagen production and strengthening the connective tissue that keeps skin taut.

4. Brain Function
The mental benefits of cupping are even more interesting.

In addition to releasing toxins and improving blood flow, cupping also helps brain function. If you are suffering from chronic pain, the brain has the ability to disconnect itself from that area of the body. Cupping helps to unlock those broken connection by adding the element of touch. The simple act of touching the area wakes up the nerves, which forces the brain to ‘reset’ its connection and allows for improved range of motion and normal functioning of that particular area.

In summary, it’s incredible that therapy with such effective results could be equally effective through at-home use, but it’s true. Unlike acupuncture or deep tissue massage, you can fully utilize the benefits of cupping therapy without making a trip (or a payment!) to a technician. For more information on the Lure line of cupping products and how they can help you boost your health, stop by FootWorks in South Miami: 5724 Sunset Drive. Open seven days a week.

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