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What Are Virtual Runs All About?

Chances are you’ve heard the words “virtual race” thrown around lately. Some of the most popular 5K events like the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run have decided to go virtual. What exactly does this mean?

With virtual races, there is no such thing as a starting line, parking, or those pre-race first-time jitters that may cause someone to feel self-conscious. Instead, runners have a lot more flexibility, choosing their own starting line or how they wish to go about racing. This means they can decide to venture outdoors if they wish or they can choose to remain indoors and complete the run distance on something like a treadmill, for instance. Once the run is complete, runners simply upload their results and they will receive the medal for having participated.

Though it may seem odd, the convenience of virtual runs is invaluable. Because it’s on a person’s own terms, scheduling conflicts practically become a non-issue and it also allows people to try out different training to figure out what works best for them. If you’re a business owner looking to promote wellness in the office, these virtual runs are a great way to encourage physical activity while keeping your employees safe.

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