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Improve Your Treadmill Running

If you’re an avid marathon runner, a treadmill may pale in comparison to the feel and adrenaline of running through the city streets or a local scenic park. However, treadmills can ensure you get your workout in if time is limited, and they also with practice and improving form. Thanks to incline and speed adjustments, you can take on personal challenges provided you have the right running shoes. Let’s explore a few tips that may enhance your next treadmill run.

Every week, use the treadmill to run your fastest mile and then base your training around that mile. If you’ve never attempted a 20+ minute run, for example, that’s another idea you can use as a goal.

You can also use the treadmill to help you with your focus. Chances are, if you’ve ever used a treadmill, the abundance of external stimuli makes it harder to stay focused. Anything from what’s playing on the TV to pets or something happening outside noticeable through the windows can become distracting. Forcing yourself to stay focused can serve as a form of meditation while making it easier to concentrate on your run.

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