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Learn More About the Creative “Shoes with Soul” Campaign

In case you missed earlier this month, North American footwear and apparel manufacturer Saucony recently launched a new collection of shoes for a noble cause. Dubbed “Shoes with Soul”, the collection consists of six limited-edition designs designed by young minds. These inspiring designs capture the child’s personality and their hopes for the future. Best of all, when purchasing one of these shoes, the proceeds are going towards benefiting Boston Children’s Cardiac Fitness Program.

As its name suggests, Boston Children’s Cardiac Fitness Program is centered around providing exercise programs for children dealing with congenital heart conditions. The program seeks to train the child’s body and mind to reinforce that despite their condition, children are just as capable of reaping the benefits of exercise as other children. Each program is carefully supervised and customized based on the individual needs of the child.

If you haven’t already, you can visit the Shoes with Soul website to learn more about the six different shoe designs available. Each shoe also introduces the child or teenager behind the design and sheds some insight into their back story and how these stories are incorporated into the designs.

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