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Save on Tifosi’s Ruggedly Stylish Sunglasses

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you know that protecting your eyes from the illuminating rays of the sunshine is important to keep your vision healthy and minimize the risk of suffering an injury due to something such as a harsh reflection temporarily obscuring your vision. A good pair of sunglasses with strong UV protection not only look good, but they help to protect your vision.

While sunglasses options are aplenty, not all of them are alike. Some sunglasses are meant to protect the eyes but serve more as fashion statements. In other words, they may not hold up when you’re engaging in physical activities such as running a 5K or putting the pedal to the pavement with an intense cycling session.

Tifosi® understands that when it comes to sports, sunglasses need to rise to the challenge and sweat it out alongside the wearer. That’s why Tifosi sunglasses undergo rigorous testing to ensure the utmost durability so they can take on the demands and conditions that come with playing hard and staying fit, all while looking stylish.

You can currently get same-day free shipping on Tifosi orders of more than $25! Visit the Special Offers page on the FootWorks website for more information.

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