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Safely Enjoying a 5K During the Holidays

The holidays are most certainly opportunities to rejoice and enjoy tradition with family and friends. But all of us will experience our vacations a lot differently, whether that means forgoing the regular travels or settling for smaller celebrations. A run in the morning on Thanksgiving can provide just the right way to kick the day into gear. And while this won’t and shouldn’t be the same as previous runs, the 5K tradition of this year will also be a nice one to welcome. Let’s explore how you can still enjoy them with loved ones.

In-person races with multiple people aren’t happening this year, but you can get creative and still make it meaningful. If there is someone that you can’t celebrate with, why not head to their home during the run and give them a wave from outside? Perhaps you’ve traveled along a trail that is special to you. Why not give it another solo go?

While you can’t do a regular relay race, you can improvise. For example, get a few friends or family on board and map out a plan where you run a certain number of miles and then the other person decides to run the next set of miles virtually. Everyone remains socially distanced while still enjoying the excitement of a relay race.

No matter how you choose to go about your 5K, always make sure you’re wearing the right running shoes.

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